Clearly designed for today’s cataract surgeons

1% Sodium Hyaluronate OVD

Biolon is a surgical aid to protect corneal endothelium during cataract extraction procedures, intraocular lens implantation and anterior segment surgery. When introduced in the anterior segment of the eye during these surgical procedures, Biolon serves to maintain a deep anterior chamber. In addition, it helps to push back the vitreous face and prevent formation of a post-operative flat chamber.

Over 17% more Viscoelastic Per Syringe*

Easy-Prep Snap, Attach, Ready!

Ophthalmic surgeons have made their OVD needs clear.

Biolon OVD was developed for ease and efficiency during cataract procedures.

Biolon’s syringe contains a full 1.0 mL of premium viscoelastic. Our easy-to-grip syringe is vacuum pre-filled, then sealed in a blister pack, ensuring the product is sterile until you are ready to use it. Biolon, manufactured by Bio-Technology General (Israel) Ltd., has been used across the globe for over 25 years without a product recall and with <0.001% adverse events.** Biolon’s fermentation-based viscoelastic is free of animal derived components, unlike avian-based OVD’s. Biolon offers you and your patients confidence with a highly purified, proven reliable OVD.

*Versus syringe volume fill of 0.85mL **Data on file

Easy-prep pre-filled syringe



Holding the lower portion of the white safety seal cap, use a quick back and forth motion to SNAP off the upper portion of the cap.



ATTACH and secure the cannula firmly onto the luer lock top.



Apply gentle pressure to the plunger to expel air from the cannula and the syringe is READY for use!

BiolonTM has been used in millions of cataract procedures across the globe.

Biolon offers many features that could benefit your surgical and performance requirements:

1.0 mL fill
>17% more viscoelastic per syringe vs syringe volume fill of 0.85mL--Potential savings of cost and space by avoiding use of a second syringe for additional viscoelastic
Mid-Level cohesive viscoelastic
Maintains space in anterior chamber, provides endothelial cell protection, ease of infusion, instrument maneuverability and intact removal at the end of the procedure1,3
Vacuum prefilled syringe
Optically clear viscoelastic4 provides bubble-free field during surgery
Easy Prep
3 steps to use: Snap. Attach. Ready
Functional rotating finger grip
Unique grip for superior control during surgery
Biosynthetic fermentation based manufacturing
Ultra-pure noninflammatory hyaluronic acid1, which is virtually free of extraneous proteins (as measured by absorbance levels at 257nm and 280nm)2
Bio-Technology General (Israel) Ltd. has been providing NaHA for over 25 years and is approved in over 30 countries
Confidence in product manufacturer with approximately 8 million NaHA syringes used globally, no product recalls and <0.001% Adverse Events2
Room temperature storage -- up to 30 days
Frees up refrigerator space for other temperature critical products, with assurance that your OVD is always at proper temperature when needed
Patient label (lot/expiration) stickers
Record of batch details for use on surgery notes, keeping record keeping easy and saving transcription time
Non avian sourced viscoelastic
Ethical - Not sourced from Rooster combs
Tamper evident syringe cap
Easy visualization of syringe integrity and sterility
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  2. Data on file
  3. Market Scope 2017 Single-Use Ophthalmic Surgical Product Report, p.93-104
  4. BiolonTM Package Insert

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